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Preparing Your Daughter For A First Visit To The Gynecologist

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Teaching your daughter the importance of regular visits to the gynecologist will prepare her to for a lifetime of routine healthcare. Getting her ready for the first visit will help her to feel more comfortable and at ease at the doctor's office. Here are a few things you can do to get ready for this important first doctor visit.

Have Her Journal Her Cycle

One of the first questions a gynecologist may ask before an examination is the date of the last menstrual cycle. Having your daughter get in the habit of marking her cycle on a calendar every month will ensure she has the correct answer to this question. It will also give the doctor other critical information, such as how long her periods typically last and how far apart they usually are. You'll also be able to schedule the visit so it does not coincide with her cycle using the information on the calendar.

Let Her Choose If You Go With Her

Your daughter may be uncomfortable to have a parent in the room due to the sensitive nature of the examination and the personal nature of some questions the doctor might ask. While it may be difficult to let go of the idea of accompanying your child in the exam room for a doctor visit, your daughter may be more open and honest about her body if you aren't in the room. You can explain some of the questions the doctor might ask first, such as sexual history and the possibility of taking birth control. Your daughter can then make the decision about having you present in the room based on these potential questions.

Explain What Happens During The Examination

You should discuss the basics of the exam so your daughter knows what to expect ahead of time. Talk about the breast exam and the pelvic exam, using the appropriate terminology so she is familiar with the verbiage the doctor might use as well as the actual exam techniques. You can discuss breathing techniques that can help her relax during the pelvic exam. If your daughter chooses not to have you in the room for the exam, let her know she can request to have a nurse present to hold her hand or discuss what is happening during the visit.

Planning for a first gynecological exam is just part of preparing your daughter to take charge of her physical health. Make sure to let your daughter know she can ask any questions she might have so she can feel more at ease for this important first visit. To learn more, contact a gynecologist office like Anchorage OB